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This coverage is not available in DC, FL, HI, and PR.

Depending on your state, the program offered may be Specialty Homeowners Program or Mobilowners.



ONE PLAN — Complete Coverage Exclusively for Manufactured-Home Owners.

Most homeowners policies do not protect against loss from Flood or Earthquake. Our policy protects you against those and more. Your home and personal property will be covered for all causes of loss except those specifically excluded.


More Value. More Coverage. More Convenience.

  • Flexible Plans —Various payment options are available through your credit card or checking account. You can select to have automatic deductions made, select to pay the down payment and we'll send you a bill for the remaining installments, or you can make your payments by phone.
  • Personalize Your Insurance Policy —Typical homeowners policies come as a package, and may not allow you to omit or reduce coverage for Personal Property or other structures on the property. Why pay for coverage you don't need? Our policy allows you to select the desired amount of Personal Property and Other Structure coverage.
  • Replacement Cost Coverage for your Home –The replacement cost benefit provides coverage for the cost of replacing the home without penalty for depreciation. Replacement cost coverage is not permitted on rental or seasonally occupied homes. Replacement cost coverage is not available in AL, MA, MN, SC and WV.
  • Replacement Cost Coverage for your Personal Property –The replacement cost benefit provides coverage for the cost of replacing covered personal property without penalty for depreciation. Even if you've owned a particular covered item for some time, with this benefit you'll be able to replace it. The item must be replaced prior to receiving this benefit. Replacement Cost for Personal Property is not available in MA.

Owning a manufactured home has unique benefits, but it also requires having the right protection if it is ever damaged or destroyed. As a leading provider of manufactured home insurance, Assurant understands the problems manufactured home owners face. That is why we are bringing you one insurance program that can give your home maximum protection with the service and convenience you expect.


Comprehensive Physical Damage Protection
This valuable coverage protects your home against direct, sudden and accidental losses, including losses caused by theft, fire, lightning, hail, explosion, smoke, windstorm, flood, earthquake, falling objects, landslide, vandalism, and more.

  • Mobile Home Protection
    Provides coverage for your home and any attached structure.
  • Adjacent Structure Protection
    Your policy covers structures not attached to your home (i.e., garage or tool shed).
  • Personal Effects Protection
    This coverage includes protection for your stereo, TV, furniture, appliances, tools and even your audio and video equipment which could amount to thousands of dollars in losses.
imgb Personal Liability Protection
Liability protection is something homeowners frequently take for granted. This important coverage pays up to the limits you select if you or any member of your immediate family, residing in the same house, are found to be legally responsible for bodily injury or damage to the property of others.

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