Live Restoration Services

Your own personal investigator working to restore your good name and credit.

If you become a victim of identity theft, you are assigned a dedicated ID Recovery Specialist who assists to restore your name and credit as quickly as possible. Your Investigator thoroughly manages the complex restoration process, helps prepare needed documents on your behalf, including FTC affidavits and dispute letters, acts on your behalf with creditors and relevant agencies, sends fraud alert notifications to all three national credit repositories, the Social Security Administration, FTC, US Postal Service, affected credit card companies, financial institutions, and more!

As a member, you have two options with the dedicated identity restoration resources. Without additional cost, you can select the option that is best for you. The Enhanced Restoration Option requires that you sign a Limited Power of Attorney. If you prefer not to provide a Limited Power of Attorney, you are still entitled to the Basic Counseling Services that provide you with the information you will need to take action independently.