Credit Report & Score

Knowledge is power – and security.

ID Fraud Solutions provides you with your credit report and score so that you can catch and correct inaccurate information and detect potential fraud. You can opt for a package with single or triple credit report and score. The single credit report will provide you with your credit information from one of the three major credit bureaus while the triple credit report provides you with information from all three credit bureaus combined. The report is available in an easy-to-read printable format. Your credit report: lists new accounts opened in your name, records all inquiries made into your credit files, notifies you of address changes submitted to your credit file, tracks any identification information changes, lists any accounts in collection, details possible negative information on your credit file, updates account balance increases greater than 20%, notifies you of account status changes, records all closed accounts, items removed from your credit file and any credit limit increases, notes all public record items, including judgments, bankruptcies and liens, and lists all existing accounts without significant changes.

Improving your credit score has its advantages.

When it comes to your financial future, your credit score is as important as your social security number. Your three-digit credit score is a quick measure of your creditworthiness. It is the first (and sometimes the only) factor lenders look at when deciding whether or not to grant you credit. If you want to secure a smooth financial future full of low interest rates, you should be aware of this important number.

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triple credit score

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