Why purchase a Product Protection Plan?
Protection plans provide peace of mind should your product fail.

What is the Replacement Plan?
The Replacement Plan is offered on eligible products with a purchase price of $200 or less. If the product fails, a gift card will be sent allowing you to purchase the replacement product of your choice in any Wal-Mart Canada store. This Plan protects the product for two years from the date of purchase.

What is the Repair Plan?
The Repair Plan is available on TV's, Computers, MP3 Players and eligible consumer electronics. Repair Plan protects your purchase beyond the manufacturer's limited warranty. The Plan provides for replacement if the product cannot be repaired. This Plan protects the product for three years from the date of purchase.

Is the Product Protection Plan renewable?
The Product Protection Plan program is NOT renewable.

Is the Product Protection Plan transferable?
The Product Protection Plan is transferable with the product, increasing the value of your item. The new Plan holder must have the original documentation to receive the benefits under this Plan.

How do I get service?
Call the Product Protection Plan Customer Service Centre at 1-866-803-1749 and a representative will be happy to assist you.

Why do I have to provide my name and postal code?
The combination of your name, postal code and receipt information ensures that we will locate the service Plan you purchased on your product.

Where do I find my Store/Transaction/Plan numbers?
The Store/Transaction/Plan numbers can be found on your Wal-Mart receipt. Please use our reference receipt to assist you in locating this information.

Benefits of the Product Protection Plan:
  • Eliminates the high cost of repairs.
  • Service is toll free, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – when you need us, Product Protection Plan trained customer service representatives are available to assist you, no matter the time of day.
  • Easy – Call 1-866-803-1749 to make a claim.
  • Nation wide coverage.
  • Saves Time – You do not have to source service centres.
  • Hassle free service.
  • No deductibles.
  • Protection for all brands.
  • Parts and labour guarantee.
  • No lemon guarantee.
  • Power surge protection.
  • Transferable.
  • Technical support available (for computer products).
  • Annual maintenance.
  • Experience you can trust.